4 Common Qualities of Successful Artists

Successful Artists

Did you know that skills alone don’t make successful artists? You need other qualities to succeed in art, be it as a painter, drawer or what have you. Many people have painting skills but don’t all succeed because they never bother to go beyond their skills. They talk art, but will never show their art for sale in London or anywhere else. It’s just talk.

The following are the common qualities that set successful artists apart from mere artists with skills:


Determination will keep artists doing art despite facing demanding challenges or opposition. They will not be discouraged or stopped by the distractions they meet along the way. They persist until they make it. That’s how artists like Harry Brioche came to be.

When you give up too soon, you will remain in the background no matter how skilled you are. An artist who wants to earn a living from art must keep improving their skills even when there are no sales. One unpleasant truth is there is usually no guarantee that every piece of art will turn out as planned. Things do go wrong: accidents happen, for instance.

Alison Johnson art for sale might be easy to read, but that doesn’t mean the artist had it easy honing her skills.


You cannot be determined to make it in life as an artist when you are not passionate about your calling in the first place. Passion is that inner conviction and desire fueling you to devote your time and energy to your calling, which is art in this instance. Without passion, you will have little reason to be determined. You have to fall in love with art and love to create art.


Artists are usually on their own, unlike factory workers — who may need supervision to work productively to the end of their shift. An artist supervises himself and down his tools when he pleases.

But while freelancing sounds attractive because it guarantees freedom, it also comes with its own challenges. Without self-discipline, how would a naturally lazy artist set and meet deadlines?

Every artwork needs to be finished, promoted, and then sold. There are timelines to be met. This requires seriousness you won’t find with an artist who lacks self-discipline.


Pieces of art may remain unsold for years, and an artist might wonder why they must continue doing what they love if it’s not paying the bill. Only patience can keep them going.

Art also requires patience in that a piece of work can go on for years before it’s finally ready for exhibition. An impatient artist, though determined to remain an artist, might consider abandoning an art project that takes too long to finish.

So next time you hear of Yvonne Coombers original paintings for sale, think of how much patience was put into these artworks. They are worth more than what you see at the gallery.

Parting Shot

If you are an artist aspiring to go places and conquer the world of creativity with your paintbrush, you need to remember this requires more than your basic skills. It won’t come overnight. You need to master the qualities that turn artists into superstars.

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