What Are Your Rights as an Employee in Birmingham?

Employee in Birmingham

You have rights even in your workplace, which your employer has a duty to observe or implement. Employee rights are a basic set of moral and legal entitlements you, as an employee, have in the workplace.

It is good to understand your legal entitlement as an employee in Birmingham; otherwise, you may not know when your boss is mistreating you. While your rights may vary depending on your employment status, some fundamental rights usually remain constant.

These include:

Right to a Payslip With a Detailed Breakdown of Deductions

You have a right to payslip; it should be given to you before or, at worst, on the day you get your salary. The payslip must show a detailed, easy-to-understand breakdown of your salary. It must indicate the deductions and amounts, be they loans, tax, pension, insurance cover, etc.

You should be able to see and be satisfied with the differences between gross and net amounts. Where you suspect your employer has made illegal deductions from your salary or wage, you have the right to question it. You can take legal action against such an employer if you are unsatisfied with the explanation. Seeking the services of employment law solicitors can help you protect your salary against unscrupulous employers.

Right Not to Be Discriminated Against

Discrimination at the workplace occurs when you are treated unfairly because of your age, gender, disability, race, religion, who you are married to, or pregnancy needs.

While discrimination can be direct or indirect, neither is allowed in the workplace. If you are pregnant and are handed a warning letter after you failed to turn up for work on a certain day due to pregnancy-related discomfort, that’s direct discrimination.

However, suppose your employer comes up with a new rule requiring employees to work at least one Saturday every month. In that case, it is indirect discrimination if you worship on Saturdays as the Jews or Seventh-day Adventists. This is because most workers may not be affected, and it may not be apparent immediately that you are discriminated against.

Should you be so discriminated against, seek the help of employment discrimination solicitors.

Right To Fair Dismissal

Where the employer has decided to dismiss you, the procedure and reason for the dismissal must be within the law. They must adequately explain why dismissing you is the only option under the circumstances due to your conduct, your inability to perform your duties, or redundancy.

There are instances you can unfairly be dismissed: you joined a trade union, reported wrongdoing you witnessed at your workplace (whistleblowing), or refused to give up a statutory right such as the right to a well-detailed payslip. It can also be because of your race, religion, or even sex. In such cases, you have been dismissed unfairly, and you must seek redress from solicitors specialized in unfair dismissal in Birmingham.

If you engage a competent employment tribunal solicitor to defend you at the employment tribunal following an unfair dismissal, the tribunal can finally decide that you should be compensated, which sometimes can be up to one year’s pay.

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